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Nurse Sister Big Butt Toes Locking With Boy Peak High

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Soon I was getting close . We had said hello to each other may times before, but never really talked
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Freckles Nurse Sister Big Butt Toes Locking With Boy Peak High

Kelly Slept Late that Morning, When She Got Up Bill Had all Ready Been Up, Had Coffee Made And Was Reading The Sunday Paper, She Filled Her Cup, And set down To Read Part Of The Paper, Bill said that It was Going to Be a Nice Day And Why Didn’t they fix A Lunch and Spend The Day at the Lake, Kelly thought That sounded Like a Good Idea, She Got Up Said Let Me Go And Get dressed, You Pack a Lunch And we Will Do That, She Was Really hating herself For sleeping Late as what she Really Needed was a Cigarette, But Bill Was Up And He Would Want To Know why She Was Going Outside, She went to The Bedroom To start Getting dressed When She Noticed A Box Gifted wrapped On The Dresser, She Took The Card Out And Looked at It, It Simply said To My Beautiful Wife Kelly, She Opened The Box And Was Surprised At What She saw, A Letter, A and A Little Leather Purse, When She Opened The Purse It Had A Pack Of Cigarettes And a Gold Lighter, She Read The Letter, It Said Kelly, I Have Known For Some Time That You Was smoking, When She Turned She saw Bill Standing In The Bedroom Door, Kelly Looked At Bill And Said I Am so Sorry Bill, I Will Quit, He Said No, I Would Much Rather Have A Slender Wife That smokes Than an Over Weight One That Don’t, All I Ask Is that You Don’t smoke In The House And That We Don’t Have any Secrets Between Us, I Understand The Smoking Has Helped You lose The weight, Kelly Darling I Understand, She Kissed Bill As They Hugged, Before She Knew It They was Back In Bed And Making Love, When They finished, She dressed In A Pair Of Denim Shorts, a Low Cut top And was Off To The Lake,  At The Lake She swam, Laid Out In The Sun And Just Had a Great Time, They Even Found a Trail And Before She Realized It They was Making Love Under The Trees, Joe Got Up And Went and set Down, The Big Dick Just Hanging There Then Rebecca Had An Orgasm As Well, She Broke the Kiss That They Were Sharing, After A Few Minutes She Looked at Kelly, She said They are Both Going To Need Cleaning Up, You are The Guest So You Choose Which One You want and I Will Take The Other, Kelly thought a Minute, As Much As she wanted that Big Dick She New From Experience From Leroy’s Dick That there Would Not Be Much Yummy Cum Left In It, But Jill On the Other Hand, She Had a Whole Load Just Setting In Her Pussy, She Had Never Eaten Pussy Before, Had Never Even Touched another woman’s Pussy And really She Was Not Eating Pussy As Much as She Just wanted To Suck The Cum Out Of It .

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One hand supported her, placed on his chest where her juice was still drying,

As a pleasure for him, it was sublime, but there came a point that it becomes unbearable

Duration: 1 hours, 7 min

Date: October 5, 2021