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“mmmm please what?”
“please let me suck your cock master”
he unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers “suck”
she licked the tip of his cock and made little circles with her mouth then started sucking the tip working down ,she slowly sucked and moved her head down, sucking soft at first but then she started sucking harder
“MMmmmm yeah baby” joshua moaned
kristi sucked harder and had his whole cock in her mouth now ,even though it was a bit difficult
she started moving her head up and down making slurping sounds as she sucked
joshua's cock had a little precum on it and when kristi tasted it she pulled back disgusted
“whats that?” she asked pointing
joshua was kinda mad she had stopped so he put his hands through her hair and pulled her head back to his cock “open up cockslut” she opened her mouth and started sucking again ignoring the taste, josh started fucking her mouth
“ok bitch when i cum if you dont swallow it all im gonna belt you” kristi sucked harder and he came in her mouth , she swallowed it but a little bit got out
“oops bitch you didnt get it all ,now do you remember what i said would happen if you didnt swallow it all?”josh asked
kristi nodded
“and what did i say?”
“master ,you said you would belt me”kristi obediently replied
“good cockslut ,now go lay on the bed belly down”
she hesitated and he slapped her “go now, and this time first take off your pants and underwear”
she went to the bed and started taking off her pants and then underwear afraid of what would happen if she disobeyed then she layed on the bed with her butt facing him
he came up behind her with his belt and landed a hard slap on her ass
“ouch, damn that hurt”
“what did you say slut?”
“nothing master” he landed another slap on her ass
“mmm you like this dont you?”
“yes master”
he hit her with the belt again and again
“get up bitch” she got up
“ok now take your shirt off”
she obediently took her shirt off
she took her bra off and then waited totally naked in front of him
he grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard then did the same to the other one ,tweeking the nipples, nice tits perfect for a slut like you”
“thank you master”
“MMmmm your a gonna be a great slut”
he french kissed her “ok now you can go to bed,but keep your clothes off” .
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Duration: 28 minPornStar: Rusty StevensCountry: USA

Date: October 5, 2021