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There was also a handful who talked down to her as though she wouldn’t understand the conversation; that group also included a couple guys who glanced down the front of her blouse when they could and who leaned out to watch her rear when she walked past their cubes . “Good morning sweetie I packed you a lunch” she said, gently pulling free from his arms and holding out the bag
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What a night! Started off in Moodys( 'cos it's cheap) then Reflections( 'cos it's bangin) then we went to the Bank( cos it's shit but the queue for Reflex is terrible), We approached the bar and it was 3 deep so i gave Charlotte a wink and stood behind a good looking dark haired lad, pretended i was being pushed, and rubbed my boobs into his back he glanced back and gave me a smilethen looked towards the bar again .

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But I don't really know of a better way to describe the unique vaginal sensations that I would inevitably experience, And, as you can well imagine, my panties didn't stay on very long, either

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Date: October 4, 2021